Critical Thinking Case Study.

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Critical Thinking Case Study:

Let It Pour - My First Assignment as Executive Assistant

The mission of Faith Community Hospital is to maintain it's spiritual heritage and values, while providing health services to the community and retaining members that share the same vision and values. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the hospital is facing many challenges in his present operating environment. Several of these challenges can be attributed to those involved with the hospital in most any capacity having differing interpretations of what the mission of the hospital is.

The media presenting headlines regarding medical errors is the source of one of the problems that Pat, the CEO, is facing. This media coverage of the current statistics regarding medical errors may contribute to another problem the hospital is facing. This problem is a decrease in patients that the hospital services. This decrease is greatly affecting the budgeting for the hospital.

Since there are fixed costs that the hospital must spend to operate regardless of how many patients it cares for, a decrease in patients means a decrease in revenue from these patients. Having less income but not having a proportional decrease in operating costs due to the fixed costs of the hospital may force the CEO to reduce expenditures. The budget would need to be trimmed in various ways, which could include a reduction in staff, lesser availability of specialists, staff, or equipment, and having to turn away patients who may not have the ability to pay. Each of these scenarios would have a negative affect on the hospital in some capacity. With the costs of insurance for the hospital rising, this makes this particular issue that much more important.

Another problem the hospital is facing deals with the differing views of how to implement the mission statement within...