Critical Thinking Case Study: Faith Community Hospital

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Faith Community Hospital is known throughout the community for its religious heritage and commitment to the public. This commitment to the public and Faith's value of religion among their staff has currently brought several issues to the Board of Directors attention that need to be addressed. The board has mentioned the issues that are causing confusion within the hospital as well as amongst patients and the media to the CEO who will be call an all-member meeting in two-weeks. In this meeting he plans to address these issues and propose possible solutions to the board and the staff as well as get input and ideas from all involved. In order to prepare for this meeting the CEO has asked that a case study be completed. This case study will focus on the three major issues which include communication, organizational structure, and ethics. Each of these issues is accompanied by smaller more obvious problems.

In this case study the issues will be discussed in more detail and possible solutions will be suggested. These issues must be addressed and resolved in order for Faith Hospital to continue to serve the community.

Define the problems that appear in this case study

There were several problems mentioned by the CEO including Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) directives, counselors treating patient's pro-bono, pharmacists accepting installment payments for prescriptions and patients being turned away due to lack of insurance. The problems mentioned here however are all smaller sub-issues stemming from much larger problems. All the issues at hand are intertwined with the other causing confusion and disorder within the hospital.

First, the lack of communication between management, staff, patients and board members is the core of Faith Community's problems. Without communication people loss track of the mission, feel unappreciated, and make choices based on their individual ethics.