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Decision-Making Model Analysis Paper

It is the 'cognitive engineering' of one's mind that reflects the "reasonable, reflective, responsible, and skillful" thought processes that occurs within individuals (Editor, n.d.). Critical thinking is an active, purposeful, and self- regulatory skill necessary for both professional and personal development. To be effective when thinking critically, language becomes an essential ingredient one is unable to avoid. For example, research shows that "the ability to critically think is directly associated with the ability to converse" (Editor, n.d.). Within the body of this paper, a decision making model will be discussed. References will be utilized to describe the model and its application to a recent job-related decision that was made. Each step will be highlighted and identified in the chosen decision-making model, while a description will be given on how critical thinking impacted the ultimate decision.

Being a product of a series of decisions may from time to time become very trivial; individuals can hardly notice or remember making certain decisions.

Many have figuratively been sculpted by decisions, for example, to eat meals from right to left or from up to down. On the other hand, there are some decisions that are substantially consequential and obvious (Royal Bank, 1987). A decision is the act or processes of choosing one course of action from among several alternatives (1987). These choices are based on perception, emotion, data, and ultimately gut feelings. Decisions we make not only affects us as individuals, but others around us.

The decision-making practice can be described as a process of choosing a course of action. Usually they are formed from various options. Some are considered logical decision makers, where every possible option is looked at in a way that the pros and cons are highlighted to see which will be more beneficial to in the...