Critical Thinking: Decision Making Model and Techniques III

Essay by HYPERSDT January 2008

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Critical Thinking: Decision Making Model and Techniques IIIHello, it's me Nik again and I'm going go over what I introduced before, I represent Plumbing and Rootering Inc. Recently I have been transferred to a new location in Kava. Kava is located in a significant island country in the South Pacific. My coworker Alex explained what our company situation is and the potential risk associated with our location. Alex also explained how both of us are affected every day in different ways by Kava and how it impacts our daily living. There are many tools that decision makers that could used to better the company in Kava. These may include forecasts, finding the prior information required for success like primary market research which is all important tools in decision making. To avoid failure in making tough decisions, it's very important for us to identify these processes that businesses should consider in making any major management decisions.

The process of discovery includes key actions such as taking into consideration the opinions of stakeholders and considering implementation barriers. This will help avoid conflict of interests which is a problem identified that has been identified. The stages after that are initial claims, identify arena of action, direction of action and identify options and finally evaluation. This process could work in the same way as the marketing strategy which is a continual process. As, our other partner Chris always says we have a gift and can help out people who do not drink the same clean water that we drink here or take showers with; he forcefully believes that we have many wonderful opportunities available to us in Kava and the families there, in terms of first giving our help and second employing some of the people in Kava. Chris thinks of me as...