Critical Thinking Executive Summary

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Critical Thinking: Executive Summary

GEN 480 - Interdisciplinary Capstone Course

University of Phoenix

Instructor: Dr. Jeffrey Wallmann

May 5, 2006�


As written by a staff writer at Scanners' Weekly, "Ten years ago today, AcuScan, Inc. launched its cutting-edge retinal security product iScanner at a security conference in Houston, TX. Based on software created by our own Chief Engineer of Product Software Kelly Thomas, the iScanner quickly became the leader in the emerging retinal scanning security business" (2003, p.1).

Currently AcuScan is loosing its hold on the market and is in need of something new to recapture the market and "…continue to take the market by storm in the coming year" (Scanners' Weekly, 2003). I have been hired as the new VP of Organizational Development and will help make the transition to the new marketplace, which is targeted for the retail market.


The current product is the iScanner, which is used in airports nationwide to provide added security. This is accomplished by a retinal scan that encrypts data regarding each person's unique characteristics to ensure security measures. The iScanner also allows access to various databases of customers and employees. A new product is being developed to address the loss in market share and revenues. This product launch is being called "Operation Optimize" with a working name of iScanner Retail.

Target Market

A retail setting is the target market with proposed functionality of:

Identifying incoming customers with retinal scanning

Track customer movements through the store

Track customer's eye movements and focus throughout the store

Capture data about each customer's needs, wants and desires

Capture data about customer's specific characteristics, e.g., eye color, vision needs, and so forth

Link data to each consumer's unique retinal scan

Report data in real time to any...