Critical Thinking Goes Hand in Hand with Decision Making.

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Critical Thinking Goes Hand in

Hand with Decision Making

Eric Dick

May 26, 2004


David Mainor

I answered the telephone to hear a frantic woman's voice. "Dick has been hurt!" she exclaimed.

"How is he hurt?" I replied.

"He fell on his head. He is hurt very bad, help!"

"Ok, I will call 9-1-1. Calm down. I will be there shortly."

It was a fair Sunday afternoon with temperatures in the low 80's, no sign of rain, and moderate humidity (so the meteorologist said). Church had let out half an hour ago and Dick Davidson quickly parked his Ford F-350 into the driveway of his home.

During the sermon, though trying wholeheartedly to listen to the pastor, he was consumed with thoughts of what needs to be done to finish the construction of the oversized storage units he owned. This was his baby - he had realized the economic gain in large storage units, acquired the property, developed the building plans, and implemented every aspect of construction.

His child had grown and would soon reach adolescence; how he anticipated this moment ever since giving birth to what he often referred to as "oversized storage" (for this endeavor could easily make him an oversized profit and Dick Davidson loves money). He had to see his child one more time to kind of tell him (and himself), that he was proud of all the progress.

Immediately Dick jumped out of the car, opened the door to his house, and started to change his clothes. His wife was expected to arrive home shortly and he needed to hurry because he wished to have a nice lunch with her. Since his storage units were less than a block away from his house, he decided that the quickest route would be to jump the...