Critical Thinking an Language Essay

Essay by billyg November 2004

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Critical Thinking and Language Essay

To be acknowledged in ones place of work may be a task in its self. Upholding the standards, regulations and society expectations are even more difficult. Most of us spend long days and years to be compared to our equals. Our only recognition is the patting each other on the back. To be above and beyond, we are seen as just equal to our male counterparts. We will hold are commitment twice as hard. Just to be seen as the same. We do not require any special awards. We simply wish to be base off our performance not our gender. We are dedicated to the freedom granted all in the constitution upholding it day in and day out.

We are subject to the rumors and stereotypes of a select few who desecrate on our names. There are those select few who destroy our hard earned recognition by using their wills to gain favors and escape from doing the job they are assigned.

This does not prevent us from keeping strong and working hard. We follow the rules above and beyond our call of duty in order to be accepted as one of the guys. Any error we make will be a tremendous fall from grace. We get labeled and degraded for any show of weakness. Yet we push on and accept our careers as an adventure to learn from. We are simply the women who fight for our country; we are the females of the United States Military.

There are many roles for language to play in our critical thinking process. First is the need to understand a language to be able to express your thinking. Without a language one is unable to get responses they need. If we do not have a common communicable...