Critical Thinking - Nature of Logic and Perception Paper

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In this paper I will discuss the nature of logic as I understand it, with an emphasis on an instance in my life that illustrates how my critical thinking process was used to deal with the situation.

It started with the excitement of knowing we were going to have a baby. I got the news and was overjoyed at the thought of being a father. I thought of the football games, fishing and the like. My father had died when I was very young and I never had a good male role model in my life. So here was my chance. I was going to have a baby and would be the best father and parent I could be.

We did the normal regular check ups each month at the doctor's office. I attended most, if not, all of these visits. I wanted to understand the process of birth and development.

During this time I started to read a great deal about being a parent. It seemed pretty easy overall. Change the diapers, give the baby a bottle, and put the baby to bed for sleep. Pretty routine stuff, I thought, since I had been doing this for myself for many years. I mean I eat, sleep and use the bathroom, so how hard could it be?

After about nine months give or take a few days (seemed like years) our daughter was born. What a beautiful little girl. What, no football, baseball or fishing? Though these were not my first thoughts in my mind, I could not help thinking about that. When I held her for the first time I was amazed at the detail and beauty that was my daughter. We bonded for about an hour, I guess they call it that, and she slept in...