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Previously I have identified the problem, criteria, goals and objectives as was well as applied a decision – making technique, provided analysis of the manner in which we planned to apply those techniques and how those decision will influence the proposals that we plan to set into action. I will now determined the factors that will affect the implementation of building a new resort, assess the resources and actions needed for the executing of the decision and assess the ethical implications from the stakeholders point of view.

FactorsSince Jones industries is a home improvement business, we were fortunate in locating the bestpossible location in which to build. We now must evaluate the grounds, assess the amount of resources it will take and the time it will take to accomplished the work while keeping in mind the natural disasters that may arise as well as anything else that may cause delays.

The local, state, national, governmental services and other organizations have joined our cause and will provide nourishment and water to those individuals who remain in Kava in order to give the economy a boost. Since the economy is based mostly on natural gas, petroleum, cocoa, coffee, sugar, tourism, fishing, bananas, spices and inexpensive quality labor, Jones industries will also be able to assist other organization to rebuild and increase job security which will in turn allow Kava to return to the Paradise it was known to be.

Evaluation of resources and actionsCritical and collaborative thinking and starbursting will assist in the challenge that may be caused by the diversity on the island. Starbursting and using collaboration amongst the islanders, which is simply brainstorming, will assist them in understanding then new ideas and actions that will be set into place. With asking the enough questions such as what should the resort...