Critical Thinking Styles and Forces of Influence.

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This paper will discuss an organizational problem that occurred in my work several weeks ago. The problem is that some employees are not comfortable with the company's deployment of a new multi-functioning device policy. I will first describe the policy. I will then frame this issue in two different ways. Next, I will describe the types of thinking used for each problem. I will then examine the forces of influence that can influence the way the problem is framed. Lastly I will provide an answer to the dilemma "How do we accept each other's differences and still get anything done?"

About a year ago, a corporation team was put together to look at ways to cut the cost of printing, scanning, faxing and coping throughout the organization. The findings were presented to the stakeholders. The stakeholders made the decision to replace all network and standalone printers, faxes, scanners and copiers with centrally located Multi functioning devices.

This was to be implemented at every site throughout the organization. This project was called the "Impress project".

The first stage of the Impress Project was to identify the amount of usage of every device at our site. After this data was acquired a team was put together to recommend the number of Multi-Functional devises and where they should be located. This Info was given to the sites stakeholders and the final decision was made. The next stage was the implementation of these devices. These devices were physically placed in their predetermined location. They were then connected to the network. Then Servers were installed and access to these devices was granted to all users. Next all network printers were removed from the network and donated to the local schools. The stakeholders decide not to remove any personal devices until they were broken or...