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It is simple to make a decision if one goes to the grocery store to buy something to eat or if he is choosing a place to go on vacation. It is simple when one knows that it wouldn't pose a problem to correct a mistake made, even when the decision he's made is totally wrong it won't cause monetary losses. In the worst case he'll waste some time which is relatively hard to express in an amount of money, that's why it's often not even considered to be a major loss.

And what about those decisions that in case of failure will cause considerable material losses? They are often postponed till all the information is available for a further analysis. Generating information, processing and analyzing are crucial for critical thinking. Every element should be thoroughly evaluated, called in question (not rejected), and then the decision is made.

Therefore, critical thinking is the way of thinking about any subject, concept or problem - when one makes decision based on the information he has about it, his own experience using generating, processing and analyzing skills.

It is a very conscious process since a person chooses to use these skills while thinking on a problem.

Where is that golden mean?It is a common believe that truth is a relative concept. But in case an objective truth (the only correct answer) does exist what can be a perfect answer for one may not be perfect for another. Who decides what is right and what is wrong? Everybody decides this for themselves. Not the government, not the company one works for, not family or friends - it is all about what's in one's mind. Now if a person chooses to use critical thinking it might help him see more opportunities, see a bigger picture,