Critical Thinking: Are You Thinking Yet?

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AbstractAlthough Paul & Elder (2006) refer to critical thinking as an "art," critical thinking reaches far beyond this description (Intro. para. 2).Because critical thinking means many things to many people this work focuses on a description of critical thinking and four of the characteristics of critical thinkers. The writer describes how critical thinking processes were implemented in the decision to begin a commercial printing business. This work addresses the importance and benefits of critical thinking in the decision making process. This is accomplished by describing the steps involved in planning and implementing strategies to ensure the success of the venture.

Critical Thinking: Are You Thinking Yet?"Critical thinking is the art of thinking about thinking while thinking in order to make thinking better" (Paul & Elder, 2006). Although this is a very simplistic view of critical thinking, the definitions appear to be much more complex and diverse in opinions. The goal then is to describe critical thinking in a manner which is neither too complex nor oversimplified and will include describing four characteristics of the critical thinker, applying critical thinking to the decision of this writer to start a commercial printing business including the importance and benefits of the decision making process.

What Is Critical ThinkingBecause critical thinking is many things to many people a definition may often be difficult. As a result of much research an appropriate definition for this work is; critical thinking is a disciplined process of analyzing facts or ideas; reflecting on the impact of the analysis and then applying knowledge in order to communicate the results of critical thinking through writing or speaking. The use of critical thinking assures the thinker he or she is utilizing the best thinking possible in any situation. However, implementing the best thinking possible does not guarantee complete success...