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The Caring Relationship in Hospice Care � PAGE �1� �PAGE �5� �PAGE �5� The Caring Relationship in Hospice Care

The Caring Relationship in Hospice Care:

An Analysis Based on the Ethics of the Caring Conversation

Sarah R. Burney

Research and Evaluation II/342

Mr. Charles K. McMahon

January 25, 2006


Hypothesis Identification Analysis

The Caring Relationship in Hospice Care:

An Analysis based on the Ethics of the Caring Conversation

Hypothesis is a statement about a population parameter. Data is used to check the reasonability of the statement (Lind, Douglas, A.,Marchal, William G., and Wathen, Samuel, A. (2004). Statistical Techniques in Business and Economics, 12e. Retrieved January 24, 2006). The hypotheis in this analysis is to show how communications can affect the variations of differences in successful and failure in palliative care. A task-oriented approach in palliative care, focus on the patient's physical problems. This analysis was constructed to take the normative framework of several semistructured interviews with hospice nurses, based on ethics of caring conversation and the way they (should) relate to patients.

Two questions were directed in this article: (1) What kind of person should the hospice nurse be, and (2) how should the hospice nurse engage in caring conversation? To answer these questions, ethics of caring conversations were used by (Fredriksson and Eriksson (Fredriksson, L., Eridsson, K. The ethics of the caring conversation. Nurs Ethics 2003; 10:138-48).

Ethics of Caring Conversation in Palliative Care

When life is near the end, much of the intervention of health care and the way patients and their families view life is determined by the communication patients have with physicians, nurses, and other experts. Many of the patients are faced with incurable sickness and contend with questions of connotations concerning their conditions. These patients need someone who is willing to listen and...