Critically analyse three web sites and explore how they use the internet's unique characteristics to market their products. Describe the critical elements of the web site design.

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The Critical Analysis of Websites


With over 7.8 million Australians online, the Internet is becoming a mainstream medium. By 2005 the percentage of Australians online will increase to 60%. (Jupiter, Media Metrix, ABS). This increasing interest has attracted a whole new means of marketing.

This assignment will critically analyse three web sites. It will explore how they use the Internets unique characteristics such as interactivity and interest to market their products and what critical elements of web site design they use such as the marketing mix and structure. The three websites that will be looked at are:

Literature Review:

Unique Characteristics of the Internet

The following information is from Dann S &Dann S (2001) Stategic Internet Marketing John Wiley & Sons, Australia, unless otherwise stated.


Interactivity is defined as "the ability to address an individual, gather and receive a response, remember that response, and tailor the nest response on the basis of the received information"(Dann & Dann 2001).

It is how a user can interact within a site such as promotional activities, chat rooms, forums, and search engines. The more interaction the user has within the web site means they are more involved, increasing brand loyalty and the likelihood of purchase.

There are three phases in the development of web-based interactivity in the marketing process:

One-way Communication

This phase lacks any interaction on the web site. Information is one-way with the site failing to produce an email address, instead providing telephone and mailing address. The most basic level of interactivity on a web site is an email address.

Partial Interactivity

Partial interactivity provides one-on-one communication between the consumer and the company. This is done through the use of email, where the user is able to contact the company in regards to queries, advice and...