Critically discuss performance implications of diversity in a team in the light of relevant literature

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Critically discuss performance implications of diversity in a team in the light of relevant literature. (2,500 words)INTRODUCTIONBackgroundAs information is more widely available especially on the Internet, consumers are demanding for more from the products and services they consume in terms of quality and offerings. According to Jackson (1996, 54), modern consumers are interested in brands that offer a wide variety of products and services. Hence, firms are adopting new business plans to develop innovative products and services, and increase responsiveness to customers.

Jackson (1996, 54) noted that these new business plans requires coordination among employees who come from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences. For example, in apparel manufacturing industries, the sourcing, product development, product categories, trend research and colour technical departments get together to develop new collections of apparel ranging from clothing to shoes to bags and accessories.

The lowering of trade barriers and advances in communications technology also play a part in encouraging the use of teams.

Firms establish overseas production facilities to take advantage of lower foreign labour costs using advanced communication technology to connect global operations.

When firms set up operations overseas, the countries became more affluent. As a result, costs and standards of living increase. Consequently, more women are entering the workforce and more immigrants from the outskirts are migrating to urban areas (Jackson, May, and Whitney 1995, 205) as they seek to improve quality of life.

As Jackson, May, and Whitney (1995, 206) pointed out the decreasing rate of new entrants into the labour market forces firms to open the option of employing people of all ages, races, cultures and experiences.

The results of such phenomenon include employees from different backgrounds and experiences working together in teams and increased chances of interactions among employees across different countries and time.

Jackson (1996, 54) suggested with...