Critically Discuss The Relevance Of The Holistic Model To Diversity Within Mental Health Services.

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Critically discuss the relevance of the holistic model to diversity within mental health services.


The essence of holism within a mental health context takes into account the whole person, and every factor that could effect an individual, it aims to look at the whole picture rather than concentrating on separate parts, for example it would take into account Physical, Psychological, Social (such as culture), Emotional and Spiritual (personal meaning) factors (p23 The Open University) that can effect how a person thinks, behaves and feels. Holism focuses on how many factors and aspects of the person interlink and cannot be viewed as independent of each other. When looking at treatment methods the holistic view would also ideally, encapsulate many possible methods of treatment in conjunction with each other (ie medication, cognitive therapy plus relaxation techniques for example, and looking at an individuals social circumstances (ie housing)) rather than concentrating on one in particular.

Some factors may have a substantial effect on more than one dimension, for example, past negative experiences may affect present behaviour (which focuses on psychological and emotional), however such factors may permeate every dimension at varying degrees. In this way, holistic methods aim to find the best ways of tackling issues which may be affecting an individual's mental health using a tailor made approach depending on the individual's circumstances.

The holistic view realizes the diversity between people; this is one example of why diversity between mental health services is necessary, because individuals have different fundamental needs which may need tackling in unique ways, and may require different methods of treatment at different stages of individual's lives. Without the capacity to look at personal diversity, of individuals own personal experiences and circumstances, treatment methods would be less effective. For example, a person who has a disability may...