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Critique On Article By Lindon and Nourse (1993) The article A Multi-Dimensional Model of Groupwork for Adolescent Girls Who Have Been Abuse give us a treatment approach for sexually abused girls using a group work model. This model consist of three treatments a skill component, a psychotherapeutic component and an educative component. There are girls that have been sexually abuse and demonstrate difficulty in many areas in their living life following abuse. The skill components of the model consist of anxiety control through relaxation, assertiveness training, Goal setting, social setting, social skill training and problem solving. The psychotherapeutic components consist of recognition of the feelings, development of ego strength, identification with others, and peer relationships. The educative components consist of the information on issues relating to sexuality and self-protection. In the article, it mentions that experience demonstrates greatest improvement for those children who receive group treatment where all there of these elements of the model were incorporated.

It is also said "group treatment for sexually abused children has been considered by some practitioners to be the treatment of choice, particularly in the aftermath following the disclosure of abuse". They also mention that that children seem to feel as they are unable to prevent the abuse and feel helpless. The affect of the child age is also a developmental consequence in affecting the child to complete her milestones.

The girls go thru an assessment with a group of leaders conducting a interview. Then they pick their subjects, which were victims of abuse and had already gone thru a interview process. They were included in the group according to the emotional and behavioral problems arising from the abuse. The group also had group leaders, which were two female clinical psychologists. Then the girls went thru the three treatments of the model. At the end of the session, all the girls showed improvement in how they felt about themselves. It also mention that one girl said that she was "relieved that it is all out of my system" which was great to hear from a girl that was abuse. They all had improvement of self-esteem, confidence, ability to express feelings, and improvement in peer/family relationships.

This article was very interesting is shows how the multidimensional therapeutic model really functions for girls that have been sexually abuse. I think it is great for people to help adolescent girls that do not know that they are not at fault. They are afraid to open up to people but with this model it seems to cut a barrier between a abuse child and a child to could open up to the world. This model was and is helpful to girls and even boys that have been sexually abuse cause it show a overall improvement on a greater self esteem better relationship with friends and family and generally less anxious and afraid.

A Multi-Dimensional Model of Groupwork for Adolescent Girls Who Have Been Abuse. August 12, 1992 Child Abuse &Neglect Vol 18. No. pp.341-348,1994 Jillian Lindon and Carol A. Nourse