Critique on classic movie "Do The Right Thing".

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Sal's Racial Pizzeria.

In our world today people do as we think good things and bad things, but who is the person to decide. Greater good could excuse minor evils but who again is to decide if those minor Evils are the right thing to do. "Do The Right Thing", a movie created in 1989 challenges many issues of right and wrong as well as touching upon the issue of racial differences. The most Fascinating and important character of the plot is Sal. Sal is a white Italian American male that owns the only pizzeria in the black neighborhood and has two sons Vino and Pino. The two sons are an allusion to Kane and Abel where two brothers hate each other and eventually Kane kills Abel. Sal is played by Danny Aielo a name that appears first in the credits that could outline his significance. Sal is the most plot driven and the most plot directing character in the film, his actions influence the protagonist just as much as they influence the dénouement of the film since the whole dénouement revolves around Sal and his famous pizzeria.

In the beginning of the film Sal after opening his pizzeria yet again says "I am going to kill somebody today". This line in the beginning is already beginning to foreshadow the dénouement of the movie, as it ends when Sal breaks Radio Raheem's radio and it is the incident that literally eventually kills Raheem. When Raheem walks in to the Pizzeria Sal breaks up his radio because Raheem was reluctant to turn it off while fighting the power of Sal and his pizzeria. This event is foreshadowed when Radio Raheem's radio runs out of 'power' There it is foreshadowed that Raheem's power would not be enough to fight the power of...