A Critique of a health promotion tool (Breast awareness) and disscussion of health promotion models

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The purpose of this essay is to critically analyse a health education resource, to show knowledge and understanding of the use of health behaviour models and to understand the concept of health promotion. The health education resource chosen by the author is presented in the form of a leaflet promoting breast awareness. Health promotion is "any planned combination of educational, political, environmental, regulatory, or organisational mechanisms that support actions and conditions of living conductive to the health of individuals, groups and communities". (Joint Committee, 2001, p.101). The purpose of health promotion is to encourage the adoption of "healthy" behaviours. Health promotion is made up of 3 main concepts, which are Health education, Health protection and Prevention of disease, these also referred to as the health triad. There are many factors which may affect the implementation of health promotion, these are: educational background, sociocultural contexts, demographic position, attitudes, behaviour, socioeconomic groups and beliefs.

Health promotion is also cost beneficial, although it appears to cost money, society saves money in the long run because treatment costs more than disease prevention, health protection and health education. Even though health promotion was being practiced in the 18th century, the most relevant changes have occurred in the past 20 years, this is primarily due to a change in the emphasis of health care. Health become more about prevention of illness rather than treatment in the early 1980's, this paradigm shift in emphasis is directly related to cost benefits from health promotion and the change of responsibility for health onto the individual rather than the establishment (Health professionals). Health has been defined as: "a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and merely the absence of disease or infirmity". Health consists of five dimensions, which are: Physical health, Emotional health, Social health, Mental health and...