Critique of the Matrix movie.

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English Comp.

Week 33

Colin Myers

What Is The Matrix?

Whoa, this Action/Adventure movie called The Matrix took around $450,000,000 to create. The Wachoski brothers worked diligently to create this Warner Brother Studios thriller that started a whole new "thing" with special effects when they created something called "bullet time". The 1999 Matrix movie also had some star songs on their soundtrack played by people like Rammstein, The Deftones, Prodigy and others. The Matrix movie was rated R for Sci-Fi violence and brief language.

The Matrix movie mostly takes place on an old dirty ship called the Nebuchadnezzar. Keanu Reeves plays a character named Neo, who lives in a dark and dismal apartment and works on computers. Carrie-Ann Moss plays a woman named Trinity who ends up falling in love with Neo. Laurence Fishburne is a character that plays the leader of the Nebuchadnezzar named Morpheus. There is an agent who is after the Matrix and the people in it and Hugo Weaving plays his character.

The Agent is also very powerful.

When Neo finds out about the Matrix he wants to learn more about it. This occurs when he comes to Morpheus and becomes part of the Matrix. Morpheus believes that Neo has a part in the Matrix that could save the people of the Matrix and the real world. Neo finally goes to a woman called the Oracle to find out if he is "The One". She tells him many things and he takes them the wrong way. After this he does not think he is "The One" until something happens and everything turns around.

Agents suddenly capture Morpheus and Neo and Trinity go in to save him. After they save him Neo fights an agent. When neo finally kills the agent that is after him he...