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Critique of The 13th Warrior Movie

The movie The 13th Warrior is a barbaric movie. The chosen one (Antonio Banderres) leads the men of his village to a nearby village that is in need of help. The village is being terrorized by what the people think are "monsters". Cannibals that eat on the dead.

The 13th warrior is chosen because he comes forth and is willing to proudly serve his village. They (the men) soon come to find that the so-called "monsters" are not really monsters but men and they can be defeated. But in order to do this they must kill the mother, and the leader of the group. In doing this, the battle will be won.

The acting could have been a little more dramatic. At certain points in the movie they were a little bit too calm. When the should have been in panic mode. By that I mean the women and children.

Especially during the battle scenes, there was no screaming or crying at all. I felt the warriors could have been more into the killing of the men. Other than that the movie was quite interesting.

The costume and makeup were great on the dead bodies, and especially on the "monsters". The face paint on them was very creative. And the fur that hid their faces added mystery to the movie. The makeup and costumes on the warriors could have been so much better. They went through a whole battle, but their shirt or pants weren't torn to shreds. Instead of looking like they all had been in a battle, it looked like they had just rolled around in dirt. I think the warriors could have looked more beaten up in a sense.

The stage combat was entirely too short. The people barely broke...