Critique of "Much Ado About Nothing"

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Critique of" Much Ado About Nothing"By: Griselda AlcalaAre you a drama queen? Have you ever heard of William Shakespere? Well, I saw a wonderful play by Shakespere called "Much Ado About Nothing." It had romance, comedy, and drama (perfect for drama queens), it was kind of like a soapopera.

Claudio and Benadict were two friends that just came back from war. They met two lovely women named Hero and Beatrice. Claudio fell in deep love with Hero and would always be caring for her. Beatrice and Benadict weren't doing so well, they were always arguing and disagreeing. They lived in a small town in Italy in the early sixteen hundreds.

Claudio and Hero were so deeply in love that they decided to get married. Everything for the wedding was going so well for the wedding until Don John heard about it. Don John is a soldier but an evil one.

Don John doesn't like the idea that Hero and Claudio are getting married and decides to spread rumors so they won't get married. The rumors all said that Hero was having fun with other men besides Claudio. Don John pays people to go and tell Claudio about the situation. Hero has not yet heard any of this rumors, but Claudio has and that is worse.

"Much Ado About Nothing" is a marvelous play. It is humorous and romantic at the same time. In general I thought the play was absolutely fantastic. In one scene you could barley hear the actors because people were laughing so hard. I highly recommend you see this play to find out the grat ending. Adults, young adults, and children will all enjoy this play. I have told you about the play but it's up to you if you want...