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Microsoft Website Microsoft is the leading software company in the world. Developing a website,, has helped them to sell thier products moreefficiantly for people all over the world. The Microsoft website has an easy to use navigation system. It also has a search feature with an advance search that makes it easier for even international and foriegn customers to look up products. offers many different product types to fulfill people's interest for the computer.

It only accepts one method of payment, but provides customers with the security needed for payment information being transmitted. The website offers product shipment through via airborne express with two different methods of shipment, but it ships only on certain days. has a return policy of 30 day money back guarenteed. To return an item, the customer has to follow the step by step instruction procedure; the customer will then recieve a store credit within 3-5 business days.

The Microsoft website provides 3 different ways to order from retailers. It lists names of stores you can find thier products at, and also have links to other websites that sells their products. gives the viewer a good description of the product types they sell. One of the main products are operating systems and servers.

Most people buy products like windows 2000 and Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server to upgrade their software for better performance. Another product type is business software. This software contains Microsoft office, which is consisted of: Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Access.

Other types of products that are described on are games, development tools, educational software, reference software, hardware, home productivity, Macintosh products, and Microsoft press. The only method of payment accepted from this site is by credit card. secures information transmition with SSL -(Secure Socket Layer), and...