CRM in Microsoft

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1. Introduction

This assignment is aimed to identify the organization of Microsoft that has CRM system. I will give a brief background of the organization and describe its experience with the CRM. And then, I also give the analysis of the system success in Microsoft. Firstly, we should know the definition of CRM.CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a combination of business process and technology. And CRM is also defined as integrated sales, marketing, and service strategy that precludes long showman-ship and that depends on coordinated enterprise-wide actions. (Katakana & Robinson, 2001) In business since 1994, CRM was started to provide software-consulting services to small or medium sized companies. Larry Phillips, owner, has extensive experience in technical support and has applied this knowledge to the business of software services with a focus on providing outstanding customer service.

2.Microsoft Experience with CRM

Microsoft enters customer service realm in 2002. Microsoft will test its business acumen by the end of this year with new software for automating customer-service functions.

It is expected to detail plans for Microsoft Customer Relationship Management, or CRM. The Company said the new CRM technology would not compete with an agreement inherited from Microsoft's Great Plains purchase to resell technology from Siebel. That pact was intended to serve high-end customers with thousands of employees. Microsoft CRM will enter testing in late spring, and will ship by year's end. The new software will be sold as a standalone product as well as integrated into Great Plains, Dynamics, Solomon and eEnterprise software packages. The CRM software can be viewed by a computer user through a Web browser or within Microsoft's e-mail software outlook, according to the company. Microsoft CRM has been a much-ballyhooed product during the development process.

3.The successful CRM in Microsoft

We know that CRM was started...