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Fabulous Furniture Company Should use CRM systems. It is clearly that the company have some issues in developing the customer relationship management. Fabulous was using enterprise resource planning system(ERP) as their Enterprise information systems. ERP system is a enterprise value chain systems. It is designed to capture a range of information about key business events for the four major area in a typical organization: finance, human resources, sales and marketing and manufacturing. The structure of ERP systems decided that Customization of this software is limited, Now Fabulous Furniture is having difficulty in recalling which customers have purchased which styles of furniture on their previous visits. Therefore, the company need consider using customer relationship management(CRM) systems to resolve this issue.

CRM systems capture and integrate customer data from all over the company, consolidating the data, analyzing the data, and then distributing the results to various systems and customer touch points across the company.

C.Laudon and P.Laudon (2006) believed that well-designed CRM systems can improve sales and customer service.

If a CRM system be choosed to use In Fabulous Company, it will take many advantages.

1). Sales. CRM systems provide sales vision and contact information, product information, product configuration, and sales capabilities(Senn 1998). This advantage enables Fabulous's customer and prospect information to be shared easily among sales, marketing, and delivery department. It can increase sales department's efficiency in reducing the cost of sale as well as the cost of acquiring new customers and retaining old ones. CRM software also has capabilities for sales forecasting, Sales area management est.

2). Marketing. CRM systems support Internet-marketing companies by providing capabilities for capturing prospect and customer data, for providing product and service information, for qualifying leads for targets marketing. Company has applied these systems into their marketing process. Marketing...