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Year 11 Australian Studies Film Analysis: Crocodile Dundee.

Question 1: Describe the features of the various environments shown in the film.

The film, Crocodile Dundee, showed the environment of the Northern Territory - especially parts of Arnhem Land. This included mainly scrubland and desert. Not that I have ever been up to that part of Australia but I believe how they portrayed the environment in the film is very true to life. I think I would be accurate in saying that it was not set in summer otherwise there would have been monsoonal rains in Arnhem Land. In the films portrayal of Arnhem Land it showed the various fauna and flora and, most importantly, the landscape. It showed magnificent scenes of the outback stretching for miles. It was filmed mainly around scrubland and it showed rivers and water holes, which is a common occurrence for Arnhem Land. It also showed some typically Australian animals, such as Kangaroos and some of the more dangerous ones such as the deadly brown snake and, of course, the crocodile.

But does this reflect the Australian environment? Most of it does as majority of Australia is scrub and desert but the majority of people living in Australia rarely see it, as Australia is the most urbanised country in the world. Australia has such a diverse environment it is impossible to put it into one category. Australia has everything from beaches to rainforest, from monsoonal rains to snow. Australia?s environment and weather seem to range from one extreme to the other and that is what makes Australia so unique. However I feel the portrayal of Arnhem Land was pretty correct, to the best of my knowledge.

Question 2: Describe the features of the Australian culture revealed by the character Crocodile Dundee...