Crococobra's Creative Journal

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Day 1I woke up to a phone call at 5:47 am. It was General Sarov, head of military experimentation. I was told that a top secret military experiment to create a hybrid species of deadly animals had gone wrong. The animals had been designed to be deployed in battle in the place of humans, but unfortunately had escaped. They needed my help to hunt the animals down.

Day 2When I got to the Cairns Military Headquarters I saw that lots of my friends had also been hired. There was Jake, Scott, and Thomas, who were my friends from school. They had served in the army with me during the Belgian campaign. There was also Jimmy, who had been to SAS training with me. After a pleasant reunion we were told to go to the Base Briefing Room. We were briefed on the Crococobra – the hybrid animal which had escaped.

Apparently the DNA from an estuarine crocodile had been mixed with the DNA of a cobra. The new hybrid species had all the deadly characteristics of both species. It was about half the height of a man and around three metres long. Its head resembled a cobra with the teeth of a crocodile. Each tooth contained individual poison sacs with the venom of a cobra. At top speed the crococobra could run at thirty kilometres per hour. Its powerful tail was capable of knocking over large saplings. Fortunately for us their skin was only as thick as a cobra’s. We are going to be dropped into the rainforest tomorrow morning.

Day 3We were woken at 5.30 am. We were lowered by helicopter into a clearing in the Daintree Rainforest after shooting several crococobras from the helicopter. There were none in the clearing, so we came to the conclusion that they...