The Cross and the Switchblade

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The Cross and the Switchblade David Wilkerson The novel The Cross and the Switchblade is a true story, of how a preacher sets on a journey to clean the most run down streets and the toughest and most desperate kids that the society of New York had to offer. The Journey begins while he is flipping through a magazine, and stops to observe this one specific page. The eyes of one of the figures in the drawing, a boy, caught his attention; he was one of seven on trial for murder. He began to cry, never before had he wanted to go to New York, but now he felt that he had to. He refers to it as a message from the Holy Spirit. So on he went 350 miles, in search to help these youngsters, he knew it wouldn't be easy and found it near impossible, but he had this spirit in him to keep him going.

He arrived in New York, and did not know exactly where to start. He had trouble getting in touch with the boy since the boy denied visitors. He spent nights in his car, since he had very little money for a hotel room. He got in touch with the families of the boy but he never really got to meet them or preach to them, and they were the reason he was brought to New York. He gave up many times and went back home but he would always find himself back in New York. He knew that he had a mission to accomplish and there was no way in failing this mission. With his dedication and determination he was always receiving help from the community and God. He changed many lives and save quite a few.

This novel inspired me so much; it's unbelievable what one person can do. He started out by himself but with God's faith in him he built a community. The novel was difficult to put down, but I did place it down for awhile. I would recommend this novel to many people. There was one main theme in the novel that had hit me the most and it was the drug addict theme. I think the reason it grew on my so much is that I have a family member who is struggling with drugs himself, and I could relate to the novel so well. I myself do all in my power to help him, but sometimes its hard to help someone when they won't listen to you, and the person in need of help needs to be wanting the help.

This novel also built my relationship with God much stronger, and helped me to believe stronger. It strengthened my spirit and warmed my heart. It was saddening to hear the withdrawal's that heroin addict had to experience. It was extremely heartbreaking to read of the lifestyles those young girls my age; younger and older had to go through every day. It was sickening to read the paragraphs with murder and rape, and under age sex, and prostitution. But at that exact same time it inspired me and convinced me to say "I m thankful for the life I do have".

The novel brought faith to a whole new level with me. I went to my friends and spoke to them, I went to the doctor to get help so I could be happy again. Falling asleep at night now begins with a prayer reviewing my day and thanking him and praying for others and lastly praying for myself. I am trying my hardest not to use the Lords name in vein.

I am most graceful for choosing this novel during the first week of class, however I m ashamed that it took me this long to hand my paper in. I just didn't know what to write at first, but eventually I knew. I want to read this novel again when I have time set aside, it would wonderful to go through those same emotions again. This novel is incredibly inspirational and I feel sorry for those who do not get a chance to read this, because possibly afterwards their own lives may change.