The Cross Cultural Approach

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Some cultures totally blend together, while others just clash. The cross-cultural approach observes how different cultures act towards one another; their similarities, their differences, and how well they tend to get along or do not get along. In NextNC, an article was written by Erin Frustaci, Hippie Culture, the article mentions how the "new age hippies" are getting along with our more dominate American culture.

In Hippie Culture, it relates the culture of the 1960's in America versus the present. The "new age hippies" embrace and try to fight the old stereotypes of the 1960's. Beth Sharp, a "new age hippie," has been fighting these stereotypes since her ex-boss fired her because he thought that her new hippie look was inappropriate. The "new age hippies" are trying to become more connected with their environment.

I believe that this article has a direct relationship to the cross-cultural approach.

It is a perfect example of how different cultures (the new age hippie and a more modern urban person) can relate to one another. Between Sharp and her employer, the relationship was not a very good quality, all because Sharp was from such a different culture. The cross-cultural approach would observe the "new age hippies" and their social roles compared to the "more American" business-like role.

In reaction to this article, I do think that certain people socially behave differently to those that appear to come from a different culture. Some people do not tolerate another's back round as much as others, they might fear the different culture for whatever reason that we are unaware of. According to the cross-cultural approach, the different cultures are just plainly psychologically different.