Cross-cultural issues in web-design businesses

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The purpose of this report is to show the understanding of major interpretations of culture, in the International business context.

To demonstrate the influence of different cultures internationally, we decided to focus upon the intercultural issues that Astra Design Company faces. Astra Co. is specialised in Web-design. We choose this field, as we believe that it is a field in which the importance of culture is specific and even a necessity in order to be able to elaborate an effective design.

The first part of the report shows an explanation of the importance of culture for Astra Co. when running its operations and the identification of particular cultural issues that the Company faces. This section aims to address the specific aspects and elements, which are needed when analysing websites; in order to be able to understand to what extent the designs exhibit variations that relate to cultural differences.

In the second part, a framework of Hofstede's analysis is applied to Astra Company.

It aims to analyse the cultural content of the web sites at perceptual and behavioural levels. This framework introduces different dimensions of culture, and the affects these may have in user- interface designs.

Finally we provide the company with some solutions which can be implemented with the aim of improving difficulties in relation to cultural differences.

This report contributed to the development of our cultural awareness, communication skills, teamwork, data analysis and cultural research.

Intercultural issues within Astra Company

Background of Astra Web Design Company

Astra Web Design Company was founded by a highly motivated group of marketing managers, software designers and developers in 2001. The company is located in the USA with other offices both in Western and Eastern Europe.

The company's services range from web development packages and customized e-commerce solutions to corporate identity development...