Cross Cultural Management Research

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Cross-Cultural Management Research

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Cross-Cultural Management Research

As organizations and companies expand operations in the global business arena today, many companies are facing issues of designing and instituting strategic cross-cultural management policies and systems in an effort to enhance business productions and market shares. Riordan Manufacturing is opening a facility in Hangzhou, China for expansion of the company's manufacturing division. Knowledge of the regional culture, laws, regulations, and the inclusion of a workforce consisting of different cultural backgrounds is essential in Riordan's efforts for success. Benchmarking against 3M, Cisco, Dell, Gap, PepsiCo, Starbucks, and Texas Instruments, the intent of this paper is to show best practices and how these companies can provide guidelines for Riordan's cross-cultural management strategies.

Texas Instruments, 3M, Starbucks, Dell, Unilever, Gap, Pepsi co, and Cisco valuing employees and the uniqueness of cultural diversity into the core of operations provide for cultural synergy strategies.

"Cultural synergy integrates differences and enriches human activities and organizational systems, through collaboration by emphasizing similarities and concerns" (Schmidt, Conaway, Easton, & Wardrope, 2007, p. 59, para 2). Engaging in joint-ventures, mergers, and acquisitions each of these companies presents a global presence providing flexibility of control, and the inclusiveness of employees in problem-solving. Working with the Chengdu city government, Texas Instruments is in the process of purchasing a chip testing and assembly plant in southwest China. Working together Texas Instruments is expanding facilities and market share to meet customer needs, and China is trying to promote investment outside of the coastal cities and provinces, where salaries and the cost of living have been rising rapidly (Business Times, 2010). "A merger can reenergize organizations, break down barriers to change, and provide new opportunities" (Hodgetts, Luthans, & Doh, 2006,