Cross culture Management problems in an Organization

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Cross culture Management problems in an Organization


There are times when a company hears the reasons for a project failure or an International deal termination in between that are due to lack of understanding problem, disgruntled employees, team work and similar to those. Just think for a second if a Nurse does not communicate to the doctor that he is not operating on right leg, or if there is a communication gap between pilot and copilot regarding the landing issues. We hardly consider International communication problem in Business is of such a big issue. But it is a critical component.

There is an assumption that important information should be communicated to people who need to know. It is in your hand what to say but it is not in your control that what the other person understands. It happens in diverse organization where different managers belongs to different cultures are sending conflicting messages to a subordinate describing about priorities.

With respect to above all issues which lead to communication barrier and consequently have an impact on the attainment of goal, it is important to identify this problem at the initial stage so not to put on stake the success.

There is one more barrier to the effective communication is the style of communication which fails to express the relevant thought adequately. It is important for sender to anticipate possible causes of misperception which results into poor communication. Senders also lack in understanding the perspective on the way people would receive the message, especially when there is a complexity leading to difficulties. As mentioned above all these lead to distrust, confusion and low morale among employees. A very common problem in communication is seen in multinational companies here employees belong to different cultural background and have difficulty in...