The Crossing

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The Crossing The movie, The Crossing, is about the Continental Army led by General George Washington, who used to be a member of the Continental Congress. He was made General so that he could help the American's fight the Hessians, who were a powerful army that was not used to the terrain of America.

After the British won battles in New York and New Jersey, Washington wanted to take action fast and retake Trenton, New Jersey, or the revolution would most likely be lost. On one of the nights, George Washington led thousands of troops across the Delaware River into Trenton, New Jersey. Their mission was to attack the Hessians. The Hessians were expected to be drunk and sleeping after Christmas night, and it was true. Washington and his troops can reached them before they were awake, and surprised them and killed them all in their sleep. It is important to get all troops across the river to Trenton before sunrise, but it also seems to be impossible to do it.

General Washington thinks that if they didn't cross at that time there would be no army. Washington's troops find out that the gunpowder that they had got wet, and they have to use their bayonets as their only weapons. After Washington crosses the river, he has the troops wait silently on the New Jersey side until everyone has crossed the river, which takes the entire night. When day begins, they decide to attack, but the Hessians surrender, and Washington's army wins.

In this film George Washington was portrayed as a bold and strong leader. Even when it didn't seem that he knew what to do, he was sure of his orders and how he needed to command. He was also a thoughtful leader to the rest of the army and wasn't an angry and mean man. Washington was a very hard worker and took the army through victory.

The message of this film was that when you need too get something done, its is always good and important to have a strong leader who knows what he's doing and can get a lot of people through rough times. It also shows that when things don't look easy and seem impossible you can work it through if you just fight hard and put your mind to it.

My opinion of this movie is that it is a good movie having to do with the revolution and George Washington. Even though it is good a movie, I would probably not want to see again, it is well done and shows the people who are interested about the crossing of the Delaware River what it was like and how General Washington was as the leader of the Continental Army.