The "in" Crowd

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The "In" Crowd.

We've all been there. You're new, you walk into the class, all the students' eyes focus on you, measuring up your weaknesses and strong points. With a red face, you hand the teacher your admission slip, mumble your name and a few words about yourself, then hurriedly take your seat. Some kids in the corner laugh about something you said, another group rolls their eyes, and the rest just stare at you while you desperately try to blend in with the wall. Yes, we've all been there once or twice, but the experience doesn't get any easier with time. As people grow older, they tend to become more judgmental as well.

Elementary was easy, anyone could fit in. The world revolved around recess, finger painting, and nap time. No one had time to care about anything else. If you shared your play dough, ate paste and stuck the playground rocks up your nose, you were definitely cool.

There were a few catches though, baths and boys were not cool.

Middle School was a little harder to fit in, but it wasn't impossible. Hygiene and attention to the opposite sex were now important. Knowing every word to the hot boys band new song, throwing killer slumber parties and having the latest video games made you part of the "in" crowd.

High School, the hardest part, the groups have been set by now. There are always going to be the jocks, the preps, the smart kids and the slackers. You are now judged by how you look, the clothes you wear, how much money you have, what kind of car you drive and what you do in your free time. Keep in mind you will always have the people who will befriend anybody, and those who won't. Reputations are fragile in High School, rumors go in one ear and out many mouths. But if you are good at everything you do, and have money to back that up, you are accepted.

We've all been new before, we all know how it feels. Yet we are still so judgmental, and it seems to get worse as the years pass. I've come to realize that there is no "in" crowd, there are only friends. Friends accept you no matter what. If you just be yourself and still have friends, you'll always be part of the "in" crowd.