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The Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) is an organization that promotes from multiculturalism to anti-racism to equity and discusses the challenge of putting the theory into practice. It was established in 1941 shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbour during World War II. Their strategic goals are as follows: establish public awareness of causes and manifestations of racism; support efforts of allies and potential allies to work activities for social, political and legislative solutions to racism in Canada; and speak out clearly and unequivocally against racism and not shy away from the controversy. Brought to our attention also was discrimination found in the workplace. Although, Canada's labour force is gradually becoming diverse which is a sign of innovation, racial minorities still face limits in their access to employment. To prevent future problems, quotas should be installed in their policies. By this, we can equalize the racial majorities and minorities in our workforce.

Further into the lecture, the CRRF representative quoted, "They (the cops) assume because you're Native and driving a nice vehicle that you might have stolen it (Anonymous-a victim of racism)." An assumption like this is resulted from ignorance. The genetic makeup of a person does not map one's fortunes in life.

The issues presented by the CRRF representative can be correlated with "peace and conflict" perspectives. The typical "˜cost' of racism/discrimination (conflict) is emotional and physical health costs. People feel inferior/degraded from society and unworthy because of hate speeches or acts of propaganda. And if an individual is subjected to violence it can be turn into a health cost. Just as destructive conflict is characterized, racism is degrading by the notion of superiority. Building blocks of constructive conflict for this situation are approach with intent to learn about other cultures and to build a relationship with them. Rather than grabbing power, they should share the power. In some cases, racism can be hard to bypass because of the grudges people carry from history. This expressed struggle is an element of conflict. Yet, some people do not recognize that communication is the central element in interpersonal conflict.

The struggle to fight against racism has been a battle throughout history and still exists today! Public education is essential for raising awareness an elimination of discrimination based on differences in skin colour and other racial features. We should continue current efforts-education ads to get the message to everyone. Educated people are most likely not the perpetrators of violence, hate speech or hate acts. Carrying a racist mentality may sometime send innocents to their death. We can use "September 11th" as evidence of what hate can lead to. The proper procedures should also be in place to let people protect their rights. This means enforced regulations and penalties on the oppressors (racist individuals). As long as the ignorant judgements are being passed, we will, yet again, repeat the sins of our past. How long will it take and at what cost will we pay before you learn the damaging consequences? We must gain solidarity and put a stop to racism-fore it is imperative that we don't let injustice repeat itself.