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At one point in my life, I was subjected to a crucible and had to make a difficult decision. The choice I made could have affected my friends and me. I was with my girlfriend and my good friends Mike Perinotti and Nick Galante. Every day people have to make choices. Hopefully people think of the consequences before they make their decision.

It was a Friday night and my girlfriend, two friends, and me were going to a party about a half hour away. I was driving and not thinking ahead. When we got there everyone was drinking, including me. I knew it was the wrong decision, but I kept drinking. Finally, we were drunk. My friends and girlfriend wanted me to take them home but I knew I was drunk. They didn't care and said I could do it. I knew I was drunk and had the lives of others and myself in my hands.

I was drunk but still knew the consequences of driving home intoxicated. I decided to be smart and tell them I was to intoxicated to drive and couldn't do it. They all said not to worry and it'll be ok. I stuck to my decision and said no! After all those commercials, articles, and stories, I knew drunk driving was one of the most common ways teenage drivers get into serious accidents. With authority I said," It's immature, irresponsible, and we're not doing it!" After I said that, my friends realized I was right and it was immature and irresponsible. They knew we were smarter than that and were convinced to accept it. Finally, we decided to leave the car parked and call for a taxi to drive us home. We all split the money and got home safely.

After we were home safe and all sobered up we thought about our choice that we made and thanked God that we made the mature responsible resolution. This decision could have put our lives in danger and hurt us all. We thought what we did was right, and we were happy we made the right decision. We all thought about how it could have affected our lives and the lives of our family members if we made the wrong choice.

Making decisions is a part of every day life. It's up to you to make a choice, whether it is right or wrong. Life leads us down different paths and the paths we choose affect our lives forever. Hopefully, most people take this into consideration, because if we make mistakes we have to know that it affects us whether we believe it or not. I hope when others are faced with a tough decision, I hope that they think about the consequences and make the right choice, as I did.