The Crucible

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The Crucible I think that Abigail is the reason that the Salem witch trials happened. I think that all of the girls in Salem were lying about seeing the devil in those people and were just doing what Abigail wanted. Abigail controlled the other girls through fear.

I think that it started when Abigail worked for John Proctor and his wife because Abigail and John ended up sleeping together once. After they had sex I think that Abigail fell in love with John but he did not feel the same. He still loved his wife and felt bad about cheating on her. Later on she would come up to him trying to get him to say he loved her but he didn't.

All of stuff about witchcraft started when they went into the woods at the beginning and were trying to set spells to get all of the men they liked.

I think that when Abigail drank and smeared the blood on her face that some of the other girls became scared of her. There was also that guy who was walking though the woods and saw Abigail and the girls dancing naked by the fire. The next day when one of the girls did not waked up at all people in the town started to think that it could be the devil in her. Later when the girl woke up Abigail was trying to get her to quit acting like that and started hitting her pretty hard. All of the girls were in the room when Abigail was hitting that girl and Abigail also told somebody else that she better listen to her or she would kill her when she was sleeping. That probably made the girls realize how serious Abigail was so then out of fear they would...