The Crucible

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Why is it that we try to cover up our mistakes by other people's actions? From the very start of The Crucible, Miller tells us about Abigail, Tituba, and several other girls dancing and chanting in the forest. When they are discovered committing such a foolish act, their character appears weak and cowardly as they claim they didn't want to do what they did, but the devil had control over them. Furthermore, it showed how corrupt and evil they were by letting innocent people die for their own acts. In The Crucible, the absence of black magic and witchery come to life through those who are corrupt and evil, while those of high moral standards and great pride, gave there lives to cease its imaginary existence.

Abigail was the main character that symbolized evil. After being discovered dancing, she immediately put the blame on Tituba, claiming that she was making pacts with the devil.

Mr. Putnam, a greedy land-owner, was another corrupt character. As an opportunity to gain more land, he claimed that John Proctor was associated with the devil and should be tried.

Even through a thick blanket of evil covered Salem, there was hope. The few people that contained divine moral, saw what really wasn't there, witchery. More so, they gave their life to prove they were not witches. John Proctor was the symbol of such a character. Yes, he did have his flaw of lechery, which was a deciding factor in his fate. However, without that flaw, would he have died to save society in which he lived? I think not. John Proctor saved face, and his name by dying for other innocent people.