The Crucible

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Species Extinction Species extinction is any kind of species that die out or no longer exist. If all species die, humans will no longer be able to live on the earth. Some important components of an ecosystem are: soil, radiation from the sun, water, and living organisms. Without any species of animals and plants, humans would not be able to live on this earth because they would all die. Extinct animals are species of an animal becomes extinct when everyone of its kind has died. There are many types of extinction, trilobites, eohippus, Hyracotherium, ECT. Too man species are dieing out due to humans destroying the ecosystem.

Species extinction is caused by humans destroying the ecosystem. Most extinct animals died out because of changes in their environment, such as cooling of the climate, the loss of their food source, or destruction of their habitat. Humans would not be able to live without species.

Humans are destroying our economy at a fast rate. Extinction is low compared to the coming years. There wouldn't be a living earth without plants and animals. Extinction, Pollution, and Deforestation are some compounds involved with species extinction. With pollution, plants and animals would eventually die because of all of the chemicals in the air that they breathe and with deforestation all animals habitat would change and it would be hard to get used to another environment. The causes of species extinction are from humans destroying the species habitat or chopping down trees. Too many species are becoming extinct.

Species extinction has an impact on society because we wouldn't be able to eat plants and animals. In 1990, the otter died out in the Netherlands, and in 1991 Britain declared the mouse-eared bat extinct. Some species whose populations are reduced by habitat loss below the level necessary...