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What's Real What's Not Is The Crucible, The Salem Witch project, too conflicting to be fact, or are they too similar to be fiction? Arthur Miller distorted many things while creating the plot of the crucible. In attendance are many similarities between "The Salem Witch trials A Chronology of Events" and the outline of the Crucible (created by our group); at the same time there are many differences.

Were their some differences between the Chronology and the outline? Some differences between the chronology and our outline are how thorough the chronology was when compared to the outline. For example, the months, days, and years of specific events and actions are present.

Also in the chronology some of the characters background information is different then from the outline. To prove this point, in the chronology Abigail Williams is eleven years of age, but in the outline it is assumed she is much older.

Tituba, in the chronology is acknowledging as Parris' Carib Indian slave, while in the outline she is an African female from Barbados.

Another noticeable difference was many characters were said to have done different things in the outline of The Crucible than in The Salem Witch Trials chronology of events. This is true because it was assumed Sarah Osborne (an accused witch) was hanged, but in the chronology Sarah Osborne died in a Boston prison. Also many different people were accused in the chronology not known about in the outline.

In my opinion, Arthur Miller distorted reality when creating the plot for this play to create a plot and enhance characters. For this reason, there are many differences between the Salem Witch Project Chronology, and the outline of The Crucible.