The Crucible

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Character Insights The word, Crucible, has several different meanings. A crucible is a hollow area at the bottom of a furnace in which liquid metal is collected. A crucible is also a severe and searching test. The characters in the book all face very difficult, severe and very challenging tests. The play can be related to the first definition of the crucible because, the liquid metal being collected could represent the girls who were conjuring spirits, the furnace could represent hell in which they will be going because, of all the innocent people's lives they put on the line. Insight is used throughout the play many times and is experienced by many of the characters. Insight means: the power or act of seeing into a situation. The character Elizabeth Proctor, is very strong yet she also has her weak points.

Throughout the story, Elizabeth must face many "crucibles."

At the end of the play, Elizabeth had evolved into a new person. She has many different and new feelings than she did before. Another character that undergoes many different insights is Reverent Hale. Hale is a Priest brought into the town from Beverley. He has experience with witchcraft so he feels he can help them out. At first Hale seems arrogant because, he has such knowledge. He believes the girls when they try to convict the people of the town.

As the time progresses, Hale begins to see through the girls ideas. He befriends the people who are convicted and then tries to help them so they will not be executed.

Elizabeth has two children. She has been sick since her last birth. She knows that John has committed lechery with Abagail. Abagail was the servant of the house before Elizabeth fired her. Elizabeth is a weak person because,