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Final Project/The Crucible

Jimenez/American Literature

General Instructions: This project will be given a major grade for the six week grading period. You should also keep in mind that part of the purpose of this project is to have a "FINISHED" piece of writing to put in your portfolio. On some projects you may work in pairs or groups, but you must get my approval first, and the length and size of the project must be adapted accordingly. Also, each person must have a copy in his or her portfolio. All papers must be typed, double-spaced using a 10-12 point font. (I prefer Times, New York or Bookman). All papers need a cover page and please attach pre write and or rough draft. All projects must be approved. Grading criteria will be as follows:

Use of language (correct use of conventions) 10

Quality of ideas [Thoughtful discussion of theme(s)] 10

Structure / organization (Evidence of planning) 10

Title page / Rough Draft or Pre-writing attached 10

On time/length

Be sure to submit with a title page and at the top of the first page write out a shortened version of the question you chose from below

WRITE A THESIS PAPER: This assignment is for the college bound.

You must write an 800 to 1,000 word paper in which you propose a thesis, give at least three examples from the text in the body of your paper and write a conclusion… [See me for instructions on how to write a thesis paper]

The Crucible shows that there is the evil in every human soul.

How are the characters in the play the same or different from characters in everyday life? Discuss this using at least two and not more than four characters from the Crucible.

Discuss the role that evil plays...