The Crucible, Arthur Miller

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There are three main points about Proctor, which greatly contribute to his effectiveness throughout the play. Proctor is arguably the main character or at least a character with a very full role in the play. Taking advantage of this, Miller used Proctor in a largely rounded role to make the play a one of drama and suspense. He is most unlike the majority of the other flat characters so we can relate to him well as a member of the audience. Miller has brilliantly planned this character and has made him a character that we can relate to in the present day and in the time that the book was written.

Proctor takes a giant role as a conflicting character. This creates a thrilling atmosphere around Proctor and curious suspense every time his name is mentioned in the play. This can be proved in many places throughout the book but I shall start with a largely effective and meaningful piece of evidence, "I shall fall like an ocean on that court."(p.64).

John Proctor says this to extremely meaningful effect. He has used a powerful metaphor during a rage in which he is arguing with those in authority, who oppress him and his wife. This quotation shows the ability to which Proctor can show his strength to those in court. This leaves us constantly thinking of what will happen in court when he does fall on it like an ocean. He implies that he fall upon the court with the massive strength of an ocean. Although oceans now can be seen as relatively small to us because of our wide knowledge of the universe, an ocean to a farmer in the seventeenth century would seem almost infinite both in width and depth. This shows us that Proctor is very angry at...