The Crucible - Hale's public address

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Hale's Public Address - Patrick Cross & Dr Lucky Knixx

Danforth: I'll hear no more of that!

But you must hear more of that! You will hear more of that! It is time for Salem to finally open its ears, shut away from blind ignorance and listen. It has taken me this long to start thinking for myself, and look where we are now - on the morrow we'll be crowned murderers. This society is so entrenched in hypocrisy, lies and blasphemy! And it will not be these cells that you and I rot in, but the wicked cells of hell. This town has become so enshrouded by its ways that it has lost sight of the values they stemmed from in the first place. Lucifer's many-faced lieutenants don't exist in this town as witches or sprits, but in those who keep the burning flame of lies alight. We can stop this - we must stop this.

Your Excellency, Goody Proctor; the fate of this town rests in your hands.

Excellency, how can a judge justify killing 12 innocents, simply because he has killed 7 innocents prior? When did your reputation become more important than the lives of the people you served? What happened to justice? What happened to humility? You bear the supreme responsibility in this town; integrity is the altar of your practice. I came into this town believing myself a learned scholar, with an intimate knowledge and relationship with God. I have spent my life pondering the invisible world and I had even once thought the devil as a necessary part of cosmology. I have now realised that belief in such theory is stark diabolism. There is blood on your head, as there is on mine, Danforth. So many of us thought ourselves humble servants,