"The Crucible": Journal Project – John Proctor - Journal 1

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Dear Diary:Today I am very upset with myself because my wife Elizabeth has found out about my affair with Abigail. She was so mad, that she promptly dismissed Abigail from working at our home. Now Mary Warren works for us, but I have to constantly remind her that she cannot leave our house. I told her that I would whip her if she does not obey my rules.

When I saw Abigail, I told her that I had made no promise to her during the affair after she declared that she waits for me at night. She said that I must still have feeling for her because she saw me looking up at her window. I admitted that I still had feelings for her, but that our relationship was over. Abigail mocked my wife, so I threatened to whip her. She started crying that I put knowledge in her heart, and she declared that I cannot ask her to forget what she has learned, that is, that all of Salem operates on pretense and lies.

As a crowd in the parlor was singing a psalm, Betty covered her ears and collapsed into panic at the phrase "going up to Jesus" is being recited. Parris, Mercy, and the Putnam's rush into the room and then Mrs. Putnam comes to the conclusion that Betty is bewitched and cannot hear the Lord's name without pain.

I asked if Parris consulted the legal authorities or called a town meeting before he asked Reverend Hale to uncover the demons in Salem. Rebecca feared that a witch-hunt will spark even more disputes. Putnam demanded Parris to have Hale search for signs of witchcraft. I reminded Putnam that he cannot command Parris and that Salem doesn't grant votes on the basis of wealth. Putnam replied that I...