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The Crucible 1) The play is an allegory because it shows people the insanity of the Anti-Communist hearings by Senator Joe McCarthy on February 3, 1953. This play was also based on the fear of Communism during the Cold War. An allegory has two meanings and so does the play written by Author Miller. That is why The Crucible is an allegory.

2) During the time of the Salem witchcraft trials, most people thought that God was great and that people were born with sin. People were always thinking about the sinful ways of man and how God saw us. During the time of the trials, things were very rigid and God was seen as the final measure. The words from the minister were the words from God.

3) A theocracy is a constitution of a country, in which God is regarded as the sole ruler and the laws of the realm are seen as divine commands.

In addition, a theocracy is a country in which control is in the hands of the clergy.

4) In the beginning of the play, Parris starts to see witchcraft in the town of Salem, when he sees his niece, his daughter, and other girls dancing around in the woods. Parris knows that Abigail is lying about the dancing and the witchcraft so he fears any defense or personal attacks that may be taken upon the false accusations. Hale comes to Salem to investigate the witchcraft trials. Hale feels disappointed with the accusations he defends and feel guilty at the end because of his knowledge that he caused the execution of many innocent people. Goody Putnam suspects that there is some supernatural reason for the deaths of seven of her children and blames Rebecca Nurse because of how she brought up all of...