The Crucible(THEMES)

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The Crucible is about the description of mind, because its theme is that people let their fears and hysteria get in the way of their judgment. Danforth refuses to pardon any accuses because he fells the consequences of ... the 12 deaths.

The Crucible is about being part of a band wagon. The theme which is where people in Salem want to start doing witchcraft, because hey see everyone else doing it.

Rebecca nurse is kind of one of them people that are on the bandwagon, but others want to join her. Because they accuse her of witchcraft, but she refuses to confess.

The Crucible is about giving up, because many characters in the Crucible want to give up on themselves, and o each other. Because they don't know if they can trust them, or if they are lieing. When Elizabeth Proctor fired Abigail when she discovered that her husband was having an affair with her.

Here this showing where they cant trust each other.

The Crucible is about the power of love, because there are many affairs that either break relationships, or make them stronger. Just like the affair of John, and Abigail.

The Crucible is about the right and wrong, because some people in Salem either make the right or wrong choice. If they make the right one it will help out signifaceltnly, and if not it will hurt them drastically. Just like when Abigail didn't know if Elizabeth was cheating with john.

The Crucible is about sanctity, because of the Witch trail the happen, and all the confusion, it makes to the characters in the book.

The Crucible is about Hypocrisy, because they can't trust the people, or either can trust them. Like when John don't want to tell Elizabeth about Abigail because he don't want to...