The Crucibles and the tests characters went through

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The Crucibles Final Test!! "The Crucibles" is a play about the witchcraft trials in the town of Salem in 1692. In this story we see how different characters are put through tests of loyalty, faith and justice; and how easily fear can control the decisions made.These tests didn't just effect the one person, but effected the whole Puritan community. Arthur Miller writes about a 16th event that has the same example of tests people go through today. I think the character that endured the most important test of faith, loyalty and justice was Reverend Hale.!! Hale comes in at Act 1 to examine a child named Betty for evidence of witchcraft, after the town of Salem is in fear that witches live amongst them. After twelve young girls are caught dancing and making love potions in the woods, they blame their actions on a witch to try and prevent any consequence. Abigail leads this hoax and threatens the girls that if they tell anyone the truth, she will kill them. Hale is a honest man seeking out the truth and makes it clear by telling Parris "we cannot look to superstition to this" and that "I shall not proceed unless you are prepared to believe me if I should find no bruise of hell upon her." (pg.38) !! Abigail continues the lies and manipulation effects the whole community. The town is scared for their lives and let fear take over their rational decisions. The court is sentencing villagers to death for not admitting that they were practicing witchcraft, when in reality they never did. Hale is a part of these trails presenting fake evidence that he thought was real to prosecute the accused. Hale signed 72 death warrants (pg.99) until he realized the mistake he made. Hale was the...