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It is amazing how one person like me can do something that would influence and affect lives of billions of people in this planet. In the same way, people, whom I do not even know, that are living on the other side of the world, can affect me together with my future. A perfect example would be if someone murders the British Prime Minister, or if I accidentally hack into the central system of computers in U.S.A. and mess it all up. Such events are called global and would surely leave an impact around the world. These global events, may it be good or bad, affects all of us. Moreover, it leaves an influence that can shape anybody's future.

It is inevitable not to be affected by global events. They are, in fact, called global events for there is a need for us to be aware of what is going on around us, whether it is beneficial or harmful.

A very common example would be the recent bombings at the World Trade Center (WTC). The recent World Trade Center bombing has made such an impact all over the world that lives of many people have surely changed. Many people have been more careful and cautious ever since it happened. Some of these events greatly influence our choices and decisions in life.

Global events can shape my future because they are capable of manipulating and controlling my decisions in life especially when it comes to planning my future. During the early 90's, China opened its doors for trading with other countries. It was, in effect, a remarkable event for all, particularly for businessmen. I even recall my dad telling us that business will be very good in the coming years now that China is open for business to all. I was at the age of 10 to 12 and I remember myself wanting to become a businessman someday when I grow up. I guess it had something to do with what my father told me and because of China. However currently, the stocks have been slumping and we are encountering global recession, and mainly because of the World Trade Center bombing. People are now more scared of going into stocks and businesses. This actually has also made me think twice of wanting to become a businessman someday. It made me realize that engaging myself in business would be very risky, especially now that tragic events have been happening one after another (mostly involving terrorism). I was thinking of becoming a lawyer instead. In this way, I would be quite assured of having a good future. This is mainly because a lawyer renders service and not goods. I will not be greatly affected by economic recessions unlike businessmen. Since a lawyer renders service, it is his/her reputation that would either make him/her successful or not. Nonetheless, this does not mean that my decision is final. I also consider taking up a major in computers given that computer majors are currently becoming more and more in demand. If, in the coming years, a wonderful medical advancement occurs, for example, a cure for AIDS or cancer were found, then medical practice would be very interesting and I might consider taking up medicine also. This New York incident has also made me not want to go to the place anymore.

In the world that we are living in today, there are no more barriers between countries like it used to. Everything that happens to one country, especially the first world countries or the "powerhouses" as I call them is made known to others (the 2nd and the 3rd world countries) because they basically rely on them. These global events actually tell us that we must be aware of what is happening to our surroundings, besides, we all live in a single planet. It doesn't matter if we are not the ones who were bombed or terrorized because they all maybe a way of precaution to everybody. When these types of events occur, they some how affect me rest assured, either directly or indirectly.

Life is indeed very unpredictable. No one can tell the future. A single event or a person can change the path of many people's lives or even a country. I am sure that people who lived during time of World Wars (I and II) would definitely say that these events had something to do with shaping up their future. Many of these kinds of events will continue to happen in the future no doubt. These happenings are factors that greatly influence my choices and decisions. The only thing left for us to do is learn everything that we possibly can about it. It is fun sometimes when we try to predict what holds our future or our becoming. We do this in order to have a broader perspective in our life especially our goals. Who knows what I may become someday? For all you know, I might even become an astronaut. My only wish someday is to become successful in my field and to live a good life.