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Cruelty Amongst the Children In Our Schools Why is it that it seems like no matter where a person decides to go there is always someone who is making another feel bad about them self? As I have gone from elementary, to middle, and now to high school I have seen and received this cruelty. What is there to be done about this? We need to stop the emotional scaring of our children.

I strongly believe that the schools of America should enforce a policy that would cause any student being cruel to another to receive suitable punishment. Maybe then our schools will be a happier place for our children to go to.

Is it the truth? Yes it is the truth. More often now than ever our the children of America being raised without much mention of being polite, of being courteous, of being kind to others. This is becoming more evident as time goes on.

All it would take is one minute in any busy hallway, one minute in any classroom, or one minute on any playground. Yes this problem is real and it should be a concern, especially to any one who has or will have children going to school. Who would want their kids to be exposed to anything that could potentially harm them for life? Is it fair to all concerned? Every one has the right to feel safe and happy. Nobody should ever be able to take that away from anyone. I personally believe that there is not a punishment in the world that can bring justice to someone who make another feel bad, but if it prevents it from happening again it has at least improved the live of the victim, and also the child causing the hurt feelings by making them a better person.

Will it build goodwill and better friendships? The question is how could it not. With out all the teasing there won't be any room for anything but getting along and being friends. I'm sure that most people who are protected by there policies would have more goodwill and compassion toward others and their community. I know that I would feel a lot better about my community if it had stopped others from being cruel to me. If it had done a better job of protecting me I would probably participate in helping improve it more often than I do.

Will it be beneficial to all concerned? I definitely believe that if stricter guidelines were enforced for stopping the mean and insensitive things that the children of our communities are doing it will benefit everyone in many ways.

The children will feel much better about going to school if the didn't worry about if they were going to get embarrassed by their peers. More than likely there would be a smaller number of cases of depression also. How many fewer, I'm not sure but even if the number fewer is one, then the stricter rules are very much so worth enforcing. Eventually these children will become adults and enter the work force and when this happens, and it will, they will have a much easier time working with others. Also feeling better about them self they will be more productive because the will take more pride in themselves and the job they are doing. Everyone in the community will benefit just because everyone will be happier to see the people they get along with instead of the people who are mean to them.

If we can stop the problems of our world with the children than we should do it . There is no easier way to make such a huge impact on the way people get along and how they feel good about the community that they live in. we should do anything we can to have this enforced throughout the nation.